>> 28 Sep 2004


The Belfast Telegraph reports that Student "leaders" claim the rise in course fees - due to be introduced in 2006 - could send total costs soaring towards £34,000 for a three year course. Shocking!

Readers may know that I totally disagree with the mendacious approach this vicious Government has adopted regarding course and tuition fees. When I was a student - not THAT many decades ago (gulp) - I was fortunate in that I got a small grant and did not have to pay the outrageous fees now levelled on the heads of students by this left-wing bunch of egalitarian obsessed ideologues in power.

Under current structures, the Students are being asked to fund the Government's crazy desire to force 50% of the population through tertiary education. This is putting poor old student grant in debt, destroying the concept of university education as a pursuit of academic excellence, and turning our once great universities into glorified creches for the 18+ group. Pathetic.


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