>> 9 Sep 2004


This is a nasty little story highlighting the "positive racism" in which multiculturalist liberals delight. It seems that white teachers cannot work effectively with black or asian children. Thus, that sage of the extreme left and loathsome IRA apologist, Ken Livingstone, believes that in London "..at least a third of London teachers and school governors should be of African, Caribbean or Asian heritage."

John, over at The England Project deals with this inverted racism when he suggests helpfully,

"More to the point, isn't it ridiculous that London, with such a high proportion of black tax payers, has a white mayor? Shouldn't we ensure that more black mayoral candidates are chosen to run for the position by their respective parties? Shouldn't we encourage independent black candidates? Is it just me, my Italian mother and my Cypriot father who find this aspect of multicultural Britain sickening? It's funny, that in Britain today multiculturalism means the state supporting predominantly black teachers teaching predominantly black children in predominantly black schools."


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