>> 26 Sep 2004

Roy of the Rovers

Even before I'd managed to scroll down to the bottom of this claptrap, I had a feeling who had written it. The piece had the imprimatur of cowardly Unionism all over it. Of course it could only be Roy Garland, biographer of the repulsive Gusty Spence, and Trimbleite buttkisser.

As David has said in an earlier blog, there seems to be a raft of so-called Unionist-friendly commentators who just haven't grasped the reality that Unionists have moved on since 1998. It is completely disingenuous to talk of splits and fissures in the DUP and elsewhere. Performing the dirty work of nationalist Ireland in creating the illusion of broad Unionist weakness only serves to create the image of treachery in the pro-Union family.

Mr Garland should be under no illusion, Unionism will seek a correct deal or Direct Rule will remain in place. If hacks such as he and Mr Clarke think Unionism will be cowed by empty threats of joint authority, they are very much mistaken. Should devolution fail, HM Government will opt for the solution which keeps Northern Ireland as relatively quiet and stable as it has been for the last two years. Joint authority is definitely not that solution.


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