>> 16 Sep 2004


Over the past few months, the number of comments on ATW have been growing at an exponential rate. This is great and I want to thank you all for your passionate engagement on so many topics here! Our site traffic is doubling month on month, and I hope that we can continue to justify your visits here.

HOWEVER...we are beginning to see a problem emerge. Some of the comments are becoming far too rude, too personal, and too stupid. I'm aware that something similar happened over at Slugger O'Toole and there is evidence that it is now building up on ATW.

Can I ask you all - PLEASE - to keep the comments free from nasty personal abuse? Ad hominen attacks don't really achieve very much so try and think up a better put down line, if you will.

If this doesn't stop the problem then more severe action can be taken. I will ban (I have banned) and I can introduce more restrictions for comment - but I don't want to. So, to all concerned - and you know who you are - calm down, calm down. I want to see some nice posts from you today, praising my political perspicuity preferably, but if not, then praising each other!


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