>> 20 Sep 2004

Voice of Insanity!

James Kelly of the Irish News attempts to insult Unionism on a Saturday in much the same way as Dr Frankenstein's 'Feeney' does on a Wednesday. Not surprisingly, his latest tirade is directed against the DUP negotiators for not allowing themselves to be fooled by another republican-friendly high wire act down at Leeds Castle.

Kelly must be an angry man. For years the 'Brat Pack' of the Irish News collectively berated Unionism - even when it was politically stewarded by the compliant Vichy Trimble. Heaven alone knows how they will cope with Unionist politicians who have held the line (against my expectations I hasten to add) against a virulent, self-indulgent nationalism. Since the early 1990's, Irish republicans have sought to strip away the institutional and political fabric of Ulster's Britishness like a piranha strips flesh from an ailing capybara. Thankfully, the emetic sight of a smug Gerry Adams was absent at the weekend.
That is telling!

There is something strangely ironic in Kelly's submission. I conclude (judging by his ignorant, stereotypical jeremiad against fox hunters) that Kelly is quite keen on the maintenance of vulpine protection. Yet, he criticises the Democratic Unionists for demanding verifiable destruction of IRA weapons used to kill people!! If anyone had doubts about the warped thought processes of nationalist acolytes, I think Kelly's paradox has firmly dispelled them.


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