>> 14 Sep 2004


There has been a tremendous amount of brouhaha generated here in Northern Ireland since the Government announced the scale of the proposed WATER CHARGES to be implemented from next year. The average cost will be around £350 per year by 2008..with a top end charge of £750.

I have found the reaction of our local MLA'S particularly sickening. These do-nothings have been scampering in and out of TV studio's decrying the unfairness of these water charges, but when asked by interviewers if THEY would implement such charges, evasion becomes the name of the game. I heard Sean Farren, the SDLP MLA, being asked three times to answer the question WOULD he vote in such massive water charges - he dodged the question each time. Why? Because being a Member of the Legislative Assembly is like being a whore - a sort of power without responsibility.

As for the more substantive issue of these actual charges, I totally disagree with them.

I believe that a/ The Water Service should be privatised and b/ Compulsory metering should be introduced so that you pay for what you use and c/ The Water Rates element of the Regional rates bill for householders should be cut.


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