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In 1979, Samir Quntar crossed into northern Israel from Lebanon, and took Danny Haran and his four-year-old daughter, Einat, as hostages, to bring them to Lebanon. When the Israeli army arrived, Quntar murdered Danny and Einat. Danny's other daughter also died in the attack. Quntar was captured, and received multiple life sentences totalling 542 years in prison. By any standards, he was a homicidal barbarian. Yes?

So, what did Palestinian society think of him in 2004?

"He was sentenced to 542 years in prison for committing the brave Nahariya action in Palestine." [PATV, Aug. 18, 2004]

NOTE: Murdering a mother and her two kids is BRAVE.

"Quntar is a model of a brilliant warrior - who believes in his goals, knows his way, and perseveres in achieving those goals...." [PATV, Aug. 18, 2004]

NOTE:Slaughtering a young defenceless family is "BRILLIANT"

And lest you think this adulation is restricted to Palestinian media talking-heads, here's how the Minister of Prisoners, (sic) Hisham Abdul Razeq, defined Quntar:"The torch of freedom [that] was lifted by our heroic prisoners and headed by the great warrior Samir Quntar...and our thanks to you." [PATV, Aug. 15, 2004]

You can read more here, in this poignant article.

Palestinian society - a place in which child murderers are glorified.


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