>> 9 Sep 2004


It seems to me that the risible pantomime being played out by Government and it's stooge, PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde, should have the curtain brought down on it.

SACK all the PSNI officers - and invite murderous IRA, UVF and UDA scum to provide policing. After all, this is all about INCLUSIVITY and the key group that the Government is endeavoring to pander to is the terrorists. So let's just out all this nonsense about down-sizing the Full-Time Reserve when we all know that Government is desperate to reward terrorist gangsters by sacrificing the force of law and order.

Step One was getting rid of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

Step two is getting rid of the Police Reserve.

Step three - the last one - is having terrorists and their proxies run our policing with the complicitity of gutless politicians.

Of course this is a moral disgrace but hey, when it's done in the peace..and when it carries the sainted Chris Pattens' imprimatur..who can quibble?


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