>> 22 Sep 2004


The topical question is should law enforcement profile Muslims.

Amnesty International says No. Bizarrely it argues that to do so would "undermine national security"!

Daniel Pipes considers the issue here.

As he so admirably sums it up,

"Amnesty International has laid down the gauntlet, placing a higher priority on civil liberties than on protection from Islamist terrorism. In contrast, I worry more about mega-terrorism – say, a dirty bomb in midtown Manhattan – than an innocent person spending time in jail. Profiling is emerging as the single-most contentious issue in the current war. Western governmental authorities need to stop hiding behind pious denials and candidly address this issue."


Given some of the comments that have followed the publication of this item, might I recommend that liberals rush to read this article on the same topic at The Claremont Instutute. It should prove, how shall I put it, educational?


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