>> 20 Oct 2004


Are we about to go through a repeat of the Bigley saga - with the British and Irish Governments falling over themselves to see who can grovel the most/pay the most to the Jihadi who have taken Margaret Hassan prisoner in Baghdad?

One thing is for sure - Hassan was anti-UN sanctions and anti-war. I don't think she cared for the US very much. It still didn't save her from being kidnapped by the terrorists that infest Iraq. And all the shocked liberals who are puzzled by how it could be that Jihadi could take a Western "anti-war" charity worker hostage still don't get it. We are ALL at war with militant Islam - only some of us seem to be aware of this. I hope Mrs Hassan is released safely and returned to her family. Whether her years of appeasing the Saddamite regime will save her, time will tell.


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