>> 22 Oct 2004

Baghdad's Calling!

Why are so many people foaming at the mouth with the news that our soldiers will shortly be taking up duties within the Sunni Triangle? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't these lads members of an army? I'm sure if I went down to the local library and trawled through masses of encyclopaedias, they would all define an army as a 'defence force trained to take on enemies in combat.' Why take umbrage at the prospect of soldiers doing what they are trained and paid to do?

I appreciate that three decades of pussyfooting around with Irish terrorists, and then conferring status on the apologists of the same, has made cowardly custards out of large chunks of the British populace. However, the antipathy towards the forthcoming deployment has surprised even me!

In the eyes of the British Left, it's all part of a Machiavellian conspiracy orchestrated for George Bush's presidential campaign. Naturally, for Lefties, Bush is to blame for everything - from dogs defecating in the streets to the closure of the local pub. Left-wingers truly believe oodles of swing voters will pause in the sanctuary of the local polling booths on November 2nd, casting their votes for Bush because the Black Watch was sent in to help the US Army. Surreal!!

What a load of baloney!!! Our soldiers are answering the legitimate requests of an ally: nothing more, nothing less. I know the decision has not found favour with the mass fantasists of the Liberal Democrat party. That lot are too busy formulating methods of raising taxes and legalising hallucinogenic substances to concentrate on issues of merit. For the rest of us who do happen to live in the real world, we should be offering all allied soldiers unconditional support, not formulating laughable anti-American conspiracy theories at every twist and turn.


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