>> 30 Oct 2004

The Cheek of Ahern

Foreign political interloper, Bertie Ahern, has resorted to the more traditional Irish method of threatening Unionists because, at this moment in time, they refuse to countenance the abomination of the Provisional IRA back in the corridors of Stormont. A concerted effort has been made by the Irish Government in recent time to try to con us into thinking they had actually changed. Alas, at the end of the day, all they seem to seek is the gradual and progression erosion of the Unionist position. Two weeks ago, Ahern made a speech to the republican ill-bred at Bodenstown - assuring them the destruction of the Union was at the heart of all Irish policy towards Ulster. Now, he issues threats about the termination of Stormont, citing the DUP rather than the fascism of republican terror as the principal stumbling block.

'THE Irish and British governments will pull the plug on efforts to create a power-sharing executive in the North unless the DUP agrees to it within the next month, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern warned last night. '

My contacts in the various Unionist parties have assured me that Irish representation is absent during discussions on internal Northern Ireland matters. I know it's unfortunate we have to tolerate the presence of foreign Dubliners in strands two and three, but there is no such Hibernian adulteration of issues surrounding the resurrection of Stormont. How disingenuous of Ahern to pretend otherwise. Mind you, show me an Irish nationalist with honesty and sincerity and I'll show you a miracle. Now comes Ahern's barely-disguised threat:

"If we can't complete this phase, then we'll go for another phase, but it will be on the basis of partnership, there won't be any divergence," he said.

Bertie, do yourself a favour. Don't use fulminating terms your benighted country hasn't the political clout, the military wherewithal or the financial muscle to make a reality. 'Partnership' implies an equality of input - joint authority. It ain't gonna happen. You know it, I know it!! Don't instil false hopes into the addled brains of northern separatists by pretending it's just around the corner. If you want to threaten the end of devolution, go ahead. Most Unionists wouldn't shed any tears over its demise. However, don't predict what you are incapable of delivering.


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