>> 23 Oct 2004


I feel sooooo sorry for the Provisional IRA this cold Saturday morning. Just think, all those murders, mutilations, punishment beatings, rackets and bombings, and yet they feel slightly perturbed at the thought of their brutalising arsenal being decommissioned to the satisfaction of democrats through the lens of a camera.

I don't know how peaceful, constitutionally-minded politicians have the nerve to demand that terrorists and murderers - who have first-class honours degrees in spin, callousness and mendacity - rid themselves of their savage accoutrements in a verifiable fashion. So momentous, apparently, were the last two acts of 'decommissioning', the Provisionals wouldn't even share the details with rest of the Ulster political scene. My guess is a water pistol and a pea-shooter were buried somewhere deep in a Kerry bog.

You will have guessed by now my 'sympathy' is imbibed with sarcasm. After what they have committed over three decades, they (the IRA) should be thankful democrats simply want to stop at their 'humiliation'. In several other countries, terrorist 'humiliation' is often followed by incarceration and execution. If only such fitting punishments were still on offer here in the United Kingdom.


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