>> 27 Oct 2004

Doherty Rages

Pat Doherty, the Glaswegian disguised as an Irishman, IRA Army Council member and sometime MP courtesy of the neanderthals of West Tyrone, rages about the IMC. He claims : 'The IMC in their activities to date have proven the Sinn Féin argument that they are little more than the echo chamber for the securocrats and spooks who wish to see this process derailed. The information contained in these reports comes solely from the Special Branch, British Military Intelligence and MI5. We all know the anti-peace process and anti-Republican agenda that these faceless organisations pursue.'

I'm not a fan of the IMC myself. I would much prefer the forces of law and order to summarily round-up all Sinn Fein/IRA personnel, incarcerate them where they so richly deserve to be, and perhaps even execute the most prolific murderers in their entourage. However, in the appeasing world of the 'peace process', I suppose the IMC will have to do.

What Doherty actually wants (as an IRA insider) is to see continued electoral growth of his odious party whilst simultaneously practicing all the usual activities which make the IRA the blood-thirsty organisation that it is. Anything that potentially undermines this Jekyll and Hyde pincer movement on democracy must therefore be decried. I have one question: Doherty is a member of an illegal, subversive organisation. Why was he allowed to even stand for Parliament, let alone be elected to it?


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