>> 21 Oct 2004

Feeney Watch - 21.10.04

We're in the realm of 'all-Ireland politics', ladies and gentlemen! Or so says Bigoted Bri in his most recent presentation to the Irish Rag, sorry, Irish News. There is something about having unrepentant, callous, terrorist-excusing detritus in the government of a sovereign state that seems to have so many Northern nationalists positively whooping with fervour in what can only be described as a paroxysm of emotional masturbation. As long as the 'sovereign state' in question is the Irish Republic, of course.

In the eyes of BB and friends, the presence of Brownshirts in the Irish Cabinet will create an unstoppable force carrying all before it - including those dastardly Unionists whose legitimate desires to have an untainted democratic unit in Northern Ireland is somehow a Machiavellian plot to avoid power sharing with serial moaners and ungrateful bantlings. Before BB gets ahead of himself (easily done when he salivates in a heady euphoric trance of mouthwatering anticipation at the merest vision of IRA proxies), the Unionist representatives are NOT part of an all-Ireland political equation. Unionists have next to no interest in what happens in the internal workings of a foreign country. What they do concern themselves about is the prospect of a partially-disarmed militia running departments which could have influence on the day-to-day workings of governance in a part of the United Kingdom. This is far from being a mere cog in an all-Ireland political wheel; it is simply alarm at the rise of a party whose constitutional aspirations would see much of the island of Ireland plagued by a level of civil strife not seen in Europe since the Bosnian war.

If Sinn Fein believe they can acquire Ulster by stealth through the manipulation of politics in a future Irish Government, I say 'bring it on'. Whatever eager optimism is espoused by the likes of Feeney & Co., the repulsive sight of Sinn Fein/IRA in Irish ministries will be an affront to all decent-minded people. However, it will not provide the catalyst for the nationalist Nirvana of breaking the Union. That decision rests solely with the pro-Union people, and their birthright is not up for grabs to fascistic republicans, no matter which seats of power the latter choose to inveigle themselves in to.


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