>> 22 Oct 2004


New footage of hostage Margaret Hassan apparently weeping as she pleads with Britain to save her life has been broadcast on the al-Jazeera TV station. Mrs Hassan begs Prime Minister Tony Blair to withdraw British forces from Iraq to save her from the same fate as murdered British captive Ken Bigley.

OK - we've been here before. A few points;

1. Global media endlessly playing this video is only facilitating the agenda of the thugs in Baghdad that hold this lady prisoner. Showing these videos is feeding the Jihadi's urge to create newer more gruesome video spectaculars. We should not show their evil video's - Al Jazeera may have become their broadcasting arm but the BBC, ITN, Sky etc should not follow.

2. There should be NO attempt to negotiate with this gang. Somehow, the UK Government must find the strength to say NO and mean it. The equivocations over Mr. Bigley have led to this.

3. Why has no-one demanded that when BRITISH hostages are being taken, the BRITISH Army should move into the Jihadi zone and pulverise them until every last one has been sent to paradise. Only killing these terrorists can save future kidnappings - you cannot bargain with Islamofascists

Poor Margaret Hassan is being used mercilessly by those in Iraq who are scared of democracy and liberty. I hope she is released but fear the worst.


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