>> 24 Oct 2004


A damning intelligence report to police and military chiefs has revealed that the Provisional IRA is currently targeting cops across Northern Ireland. Security chiefs were told of the Provo threat when they met in Belfast recently to discuss the ongoing security situation. Details here.

Now, who is surprised about this? Well, Paul Murphy must be, along with Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern and the entire UK and Irish media. Why? Because these people have been running around spinning the lie that the issue of the IRA has been "effectively" dealt with!! Yeah, so effective that this step-up in republican activity comes shortly after the NIO approved the release of money to 'soften' security measures at a number of police stations throughout the province? And remember, earlier this year, a report by the International Monitoring Commission said although the Provos were not involved in attacks on the security forces, they still remained active, and in a high state of readiness.

So we have confirmation that when it comes the IRA, the more things change the more they stay the same. Appeasers never learn.


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