>> 28 Oct 2004


"They say that Arafat is sick, that he has cancer, that his days are numbered. If this is correct, then our time is running out. Our time? Yes! Our great window of opportunity, to kill Arafat and re-conquer justice, is closing." Moshe Feiglin on IsraelInsider has an interesting take on the breaking Arafat story.

Also, Steven Plaut has this to say;

"Try to imagine a proposal made in 1945 to take Hitler's carcass and

bury it inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, perhaps draped with

flowers, across Lincoln's knees. No, I am afraid even that does not begin

to approach the mindless mega-stupidity of those proposing to allow

Arafat's carcass to be buried on the Temple Mount once it stops breathing.

He concludes,

"If Arafat is interred on Judaism's most holy spot, then why not dig up Hitler's and Eichmann's bones and move them there as well. I mean, come on, let's have a little consistency!

I agree with Feiglin. It is a matter of the most intense shame and humiliation for every Jew on earth that Arafat will die a natural death. The man who most singularly personalized the devotion to genocidal annihilation of Jews and mass murder of Jewsish children was never

targeted by the state pretending that "Never Again" is its raison d'etre. Burying the carcass (am I the only one who suspects the living Arafat is far uglier than how the carcass will look) is simply the most effective way to announce to the world that the Jews have raised their hands in surrender and have given up. They might as well be calling to Palestinians, "Come over and murder us all." All day long Israel's radio and TV bimbos and bimbettes have been

reporting in muted semi-mourning, as if Arafat's demise represents a reason for sorrow. Mark Twain once described false reports of his own demise as premature. Arafat's demise is 40 years much too late. Efraim Inbar had a nice comment. Arafat, after all, is not a Palestinian at all,

but was born in Egypt. Bury him in Cairo. Some of Israel's own greatest Arafatphiles might want to volunteer to be buried alongside His Ugliness."

Quick - call Orla Guerin - we need more BBC balance on this one!


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