>> 30 Oct 2004


I liked this quote from fellow-British blogger Natalie Solent;

"Consider me a September 12 gal. On September

12 2001 there was no downside for those planning the next terrorist spectacular. You too can humble the Great Satan and win undying glory! Now there is a downside.

And I thank God - literally thank God - that the guy in the White House who started work on making that downside on September 12 2001 was a sunny-tempered frat boy who is President, at least in part, because his Daddy was. Peter Briffa's column said that professional politicians irritate. That's only half the problem. The other half is that they

are all a particular type of person. Bush is close enough to that type to

function but doesn't really belong. I am aware that he can be a ruthless

political operator. (He can pick 'em, too, a useful skill.) But in important respects his values are more normal than is normal in his milieu.

I will go further. I thank God that Bush is a believing Christian who takes seriously the obligation to love his enemies. He didn't limit himself to making a downside for terrorism, necessary though that

was. (Not that most of his opponents would have done it.) Instead he did what idealists claim to want: he set out to tackle the injustice and oppression that are the root causes of terrorism."

Of course, I agree with her!!


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