>> 28 Oct 2004


Here's an unbelievable tale.

"A traditional shower of poppies planned for a Remembrance Day service in Sandwell has had to be scrapped because of Health and Safety regulations. In previous years thousands of paper poppy petals have been released during the minute's silence at the packed event in West Bromwich town hall. But the emotional tribute which has been part of the annual service since before the Second World War has now been banned. Fire inspectors who visited the venue in the town High Street said the practice breached health and safety regulations. They believe the paper poppy petals would be a fire hazard."

What do you say? Is this why tens of thousands laid down their lives - so some third rate half witted jobsworths - from the public sector, of course - could BAN acts of remembrance lest paper poppys cause a blazing inferno in Sandwell high street???????

With thanks to An Englishman's Castle.


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