>> 31 Oct 2004

Premature Multiplication

When Bobby Darin sang his 1962 song, 'Multiplication' - a tuneful ditty about progeny, I'm sure he didn't imagine children, who were until recently still convinced about the existence of Santa Claus, participating in sexual acts. Today, 42 years on, we live in a society where the amount of unwanted teenage pregnancies coupled with ever-more premature sexual experimentations is nothing other than abhorrent.

On Friday, I read the story about two Blackpool sisters - one 14 and one 15 - who were literally in a race to conceive a child. When the younger of the two became the first 'success story', it generated fits of depression in her elder sibling. As usual, the parents were Fred and Wilma Flintstone look-alikes with adipose midriffs, copious amounts of jewellery, the inability to string two words together and probably possessing IQ's of the same numerics as Toulouse-Lautrec's inside leg measurements. When interviewed for a news article, the mother looked balefully at the camera, saying: 'Well, what can ya do?' A response which caused me to yell at the television: 'What about a bloody good hiding, for starters?'

Human beings have had the same urges at the same ages since the dawn of time. That's only natural. What is different about modern times is the persistently irksome stance taken by the liberal elite that somehow underaged teen sexual habits are something to be contained or encouraged safely, rather than opposed with far tougher penalties. Consequently, we have to read about acts of stupidity such as this, with guaranteed outcomes of more misery for the sexually obsessed numbskulls involved. I appreciate the stance of the Scottish Catholic Church on this matter. I suspect it would be too much to ask for similar condemnation from Anglican liberals.


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