>> 20 Oct 2004


Consider these facts:

Recently, the Syrian government has launched a new anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda campaign of denying the Holocaust. The country, which gave refuge to Nazi criminals, is arguing that the Zionist idea is a Nazi idea. Many observers of the Middle East affairs were surprised to hear from Syria that the Zionist 'invested' the Holocaust in order to blackmail the gentiles.

Meanwhile Hezbollah, which is on the U.S. list of terrorist organizations, is responsible for the 1983 massacre of 241 Marines in Lebanon, among many other atrocities.

So what does the U.S. Presbyterian Church leaders decide to do? Answer; hold friendly meetings with Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and a Hezbollah terrorist leader in Syrian-occupied Lebanon.

Yet instead of criticizing Hezbollah or Syria, the Presbyterian leaders condemned Israel, and reiterated their threat to urge U.S. corporations to end their business dealings with Israel.

What a bunch of morally bankrupt fools these Presbyterian leaders are - may God forgive them for their mind-numbing stupidity.


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