>> 25 Oct 2004


Well, well. In the words of The Smiths, "Big mouth strikes again." Denis Bradley, Deputy Chair of the NI Policing Board has said if the political problems are not resolved within two weeks, the governments should impose joint authority or another mechanism other than direct rule.

He said republican areas in Londonderry and elsewhere were not being policed properly because of the political deadlock. Of course, let us be clear that he was not speaking as Deputy Chair of the Policing Board but rather in his part-time capacity as one of leading political commentators.

Bradley is a public disgrace and has been from day one. His latest wheeze seems to be to use his quango-given platform to ensure that politics and policing are inextricably linked. Laughably when Patten recommended the creation of this Policing Board he said it was to separate policing and politics. Another lie swallowed by only gullible pro-Agreement Unionists.

Bradley should be sacked, but he won't. He is one of the new post GFA great and the good and is given a fools pardon by this gutless government. The Policing Board is a publicly funded farce - all Unionists should withdraw from it but they won't. They love the salary, the power and prestige. And for that reason, Bradley will continue to talk politics instead of policing without fear of effective censure.


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