>> 31 Oct 2004


I was entertained by the media storm that has grown around DUP MP's Peter and Iris Robinson Westminster expenses. Naturally, Peter is outraged by the very idea that one should dare to question the generous expenses that he and his wife have claimed. Perhaps should he ever become First Minister he will ban such impertinent press intrusions? Mmmmm...

Here's what I think. The media, gutless as it is, has EVERY right to examine EVERY aspect of any MP's expenses. After all, Peter and Iris must accept that since the tax-payer funds them the tax-payer can expect to have every penny satisfactorily explained away. It would be arrogance incarnate if Mr. Robinson thought otherwise - and that would surely not be the case here - would it?

In my limited experience (limited to what I could bear!) the political class are, ny and large, money-grabbing whores who, be they to the left or right (though that classification is almost irrelevant in Northern reland) love money. When you think about it - what other reason have most of them for being in it?


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