>> 5 Oct 2004


One of the things that most offends me is when liberals drone on about the "higher moral authority" of the United Nations. Any sensible person will know that the UN is a corrupt cabal of crooks and despots which the US and UK should have nothing to do with. The US, in particular, is far too generous in the funding it gives this evil organisation. But then, that's the sort of thing you would expect to hear from those of us in the vast right-wing conspiracy - Yes?

After all, good liberals know that the United Nations is a force for good. Take Rwanda..oops..better not take Rwanda. Let's take Sudan, and the genocide happening in Darfur. Well, today has seen the wise and dignified Kofi Annan report back to the UN Security Council that "despite fresh promises by the Khartoum government but no positive action during September to end the 19-month conflict that has killed over 50,000 people and forced 1.4 million to flee their homes." The secretary-general said the government made "no further progress" in September in key areas essential to restoring security including implementing a cease-fire, stopping attacks on civilians, disarming militias, and persecuting the perpetrators of atrocities.

So what this means is that the UN has done absolutely NOTHING tangible to help save the poor people being slaughtered by the Arabist Janjaweed. Instead it issues reports and statements that mean NOTHING. Sanctimonious twaddle for self-absorbed ego's. Send in the Marines and to hell with Kofi and his useless crew.


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