>> 31 Oct 2004


The Taliban scumbags that kidnapped Annetta Flanigan, along with two other UN workers in Kabul last week, have released a video on Al Jazeera TV (the terrorists broadcaster of choice) demanding the usual Jihadi nonsense (release all terrorists, empty Guantanamo Bay, etc). This should be treated with contempt.

All around the world the Jihadi i have all cottoned on to the propaganda value of these video's. They saw the UK media become hysterical over the Bigley videos', and they reckon that the release of a well scripted hostage video has now become war by other means. That is why I believe this video's should NOT be given the sort of wall to wall coverage that is afforded them - until that happens more unfortunate people (EVEN those with Irish passports) will be seen as high value hostage material. Margaret Hassan and Annetta Flanigan are paying the price for the liberal media's crusade against Bush.


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