>> 28 Oct 2004


Having listened to the ever-so-caring UK media coverage of what may prove to be Yasser Arafat's final hours, I now see I have got it wrong about Yasser. The news that he is being flown to France for urgent medical treatment gladdens the heart. France, after all, knows how to deal with tyrants, sorry, I mean... sick political leaders. (I just hope the hospital that treats him isn't near any Synagogues - that can be such a danger)

There was me thinking that Arafat was a vile corrupt murderous old anti-Semite, a man who gloried in killing Jews, a man who has blood of thousands on his hands. I was wrong. Based on the reporting of genuinely talented reporters such as Orla Guerin, I see that Yasser is a kindly man, a family man, and an inspiration to all. No wonder we are now all so...anxious.

It makes such sense. I sincerely expect the BBC to break into solemn funeral music should Nobel Laureate Yasser die - with mass mourning obligatory in the streets. Maybe Elton John could do the music at the funeral?


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