>> 27 Oct 2004

You're so Vain!

'I love me, who do you love?' It's a common derogatory quip used here in Yorkshire and the North West. I wonder if Robert Kilroy Silk has repeated these words over and over to himself as he ponders the shoddy outworkings of his blatant efforts at appropriation of the UKIP leadership?

All of us must at some time have watched an episode of Kilroy. Some of the debates were quite interesting, some were not. Nevertheless, Kilroy Silk was a reasonable anchorman - possessing wit, compassion, plus the ability to put the audience at their ease. On the media front he was an amusing and highly articulate journalist whose treatment at the hands of the panjandrums of the Daily Express was nothing short of despicable.

Even so, my opinion of him as an individual with integrity has been damaged by his machinations whilst an elected representative of the UKIP. I appreciate his 'pulling power' on the hustings when campaigning for a seat at the European Parliament; I acknowledge his detestation of the EU and its multifarious institutions of interference (it is a distaste I and many other equally share). What I do not like is his view of his own infallibility and political apotheosis. If he had wanted to become a future leader of the UKIP he could have done so with patience and understanding. Instead, he has tackled the party hierarchy like a bull in a china shop: undermining his hitherto high regard in public opinion as well as causing deep divisions in the movement he professed to embolden. And, as we know from the experience of John Major's administration in the 1990's, people do not vote for divided parties. What an ass!!!


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