>> 27 May 2004

Abu Hamza's Last Hurrah?

You've got to hand it to the liberal media. They really know how to use language that fails to give an accurate portrayal of someone's character. The BBC today describes Abu Hamza, a known terrorist supporter, inciter of terrorism and anti-western psychopath (despite the fact that he quite contentedly lives here in the UK on state handouts) as a 'radical Muslim cleric'. Pray tell how such a description can even begin to adequately address the true revolting nature of this man and his nefarious activities?

One very important question needs to be asked: how is this person still able to live in the UK and, moreover, be permitted to teach his 'theological' orientated bigotry on the streets of our capital city whilst being guarded (at considerable taxpayers expense, no doubt) by the Metropolitan Police? We are constantly informed that the Government is exploring the legalities of deporting Hamza, yet we are never allowed to ask in what other country would the overriding need to safeguard state security be subordinate to the protracted wranglings of the judicial process?

Nonetheless, every cloud has a silver lining. Hamza has been arrested and faces extradition to the US (a country that would not allow its national security interests to be held hostage by the politically correct wing of the legal industry). We can only hope that Hamza will face the powers-that-be across the Pond with significantly less hubris than he has displayed here in Britain - especially if conviction means paying the ultimate price.


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