>> 26 May 2004


It has been said that the world can be divided up into two groups of people - September 10th folks and September 11th folks.

The former carry on as if 9/11 was a once-off "criminal" act, brought about by US imperialism and those bad Jews in Israel. They believe that if only we could grabble with the "root causes" of Islamic terrorism, if only we could adopt a more amenable foreign policy in the Middle East, if only we sent more tax dollars in aid to these Jihadists, then they would surely understand us and stop wanting to kill us. Sure.

September 11th people are different. They know that for years now the Jihadists have been at war with all of us. They remember the first attempt to being down the Twin Towers (and the Iraqi involvement), they remember the USS Cole, the bombings of US embassies in Nairobi and Tanzania, and above all, they remember that Jihadistan is at war with us. They chose it not us. Being at war is not a nice liberal wish, nor is it a conservative one - but we conservatives understand that the terrorists have one simple mission - to kill us and subjugate our modern democracies to their will. This we will resist.

They scored a great success in Spain, they have the UN in full support of their long term aim (the humiliation of the USA), they have the craven international NGO's backing them up - but so long as strong-minded conservatives remain in control of the White House their chances of victory are slim. The terrorists understand this which is why it is likely that they will go for a repeat of "Madrid" in the USA before election day to try to bring about regime change. Any fool can see that.(except John Kerry, obviously)

So, study this reaction of the Democrats to John Ashcroft's recent statement, and then remember that Dem's are from Sept 10th, the rest of us are from Sept 11th. And we know WHY.


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