>> 6 May 2004


This is one of those headlines you are unlikely to encounter on the BBC - Baghdad's best friend. Today the wet-as-a-limp-lettuce liberals that run the Today programme were speculating that Bush had given Rummy a "dressing down" and that the US Defence Secretary was now fighting for his political life! Let's see, Rumsfeld oversees the liberation of Iraq which the same rotten media assured us would turn into a quagmire, cost hundreds of thousands of lives, set Arabia on-fire, lead to WMD attacks on US Troops, and the US triumphs in a fe weeks. Therefore he should be sacked? Mmm..try this. Rumsfeld has a winning strategy - it is realistic and innovative. Noses are put out in the upper echelons of the Military, US State is sickened by Rummy's success. For the past year, the strategy in Iraq has been US State driven - witness the recent US surrender to the Fallujah terrorists. What we are experiencing is what happens when the war effort is driven bu US State. Therefore, doesn't it make sense for Colin Powell to hand in his resignation? Come on BBC - Where's your nose for a story????? I think I know.


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