>> 4 May 2004


Local Government Minister Ian Pearson has suggested that the existing 26 local Councils could be reduced to less than 10, but with more powers. God forbid. How about axing them to 0 - that seem's about right to me. Just what DO Councils actually achieve other than horrendous rocketing rates? listening to one of the bureaucrats who run local Councils interviewed on the topic, it is clear that these officials see this as a great chance to grab more POWER. The person concerned waffled about how, given greater powers, they could sort out education, health, and the economy. Very good - and once they had done that...?

In my experience of local Councils, the problem is that the calibre of Councillor is, ordinarily, piss-poor. There are a few exceptions. However whilst these people lack professional ability they are blessed with pomposity, self-interest and economic illiteracy. They then turn to the Empire-builders in the bureacracy and things get even worse.

I ask, what can ANY Council do that cannot be done better, at less cost, elsewhere? Answers on a postcard please!


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