>> 30 May 2004

Durkan Fumes!

Mark Durkan, supposed leader of the declining SDLP, bemoans the loss of devolution. He claims that: 'Direct Rule is getting ever more direct' and, consequently, Northern Ireland is faced with the prospect of cuts imposed by a Treasury heavily concerned with tightening the purse strings.

Constitutional Irish nationalists had many chances to cut a deal with pro-Union representatives to keep devolution alive. They chose to reject that option and uphold separatist solidarity in the Assembly. Durkan, like much of the rest of his pathetic party, put the nirvana of separatist principles above the constructive workings of devolved government. That is why morally bankrupt nationalists have decided to vote for Sinn Fein/IRA, whereas the moderate voices within the Catholic community have, as the EU elections will demonstrate, given up on the idea of voting altogether.

Ulster's assembly has come to an end because the SDLP chose to put sectarian comradeship above pragmatic politics and democratic betterment. It will remain in limbo for as long as that is the case.


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