>> 30 May 2004


Tony Blair's favourite terrorist group, the IRA, is still active "testing bombs", training volunteers, and committing crime. At least according to the Irish Minister of Justice, Michael McDowell.

McDowell shows more bottle than the entire quisling British Government in exposing the lies that stream forth from Sinn Fein on a daily basis.

Thus we read that “The IRA is in charge, the army council. Sinn Fein does not decide, and

“The public is given this notion that Sinn Fein is out there trying to persuade the IRA. That’s completely false.”

It's clear that the IRA remains at large, active, recruiting, re-arming. Only those fools that "support" the failed Belfast Agreement like to pretend otherwise, and even that has worn thin. Bizarrey, British and Irish officials emphasise that they are aiming to secure a return to power-sharing devolution. “We are still 70%-75% likely to succeed but if we don’t, then we would be looking at a new assembly election,” an Irish source said.

Really? So what would THAT achieve? The DUP gets an even bigger vote, the IRA's stooges get an even bigger vote from radicalised nationalists..and THAT will lead to a way forward?

Are they mad?

The truth is unwelcome news for Blair but the wheels are long since off the Belfast Agreement. His treacherous deal with the IRA is in ruins. Only a gutless UK media and the sheer stupidity of the UUP and SDLP cover this up - to a degree.

Eventually, truth will out.


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