>> 27 May 2004

Feeney Sacrifices Objectivity for Bigotry.....Again!!!

Brian Feeney, one time SDLP member and now one of radical Irish separatism's most pen-poisonous proponents, launched an attack on Northern Ireland Secretary, Paul Murphy, in yesterday's Irish News. It would appear that, with each passing week, Feeney retreats from the world of objective reality into the cocoon of nationalist spite. After all, this is a journalist who recently berated the Republic's Justice Minister, Michael McDowell, for having the temerity to reveal Sinn Fein/IRA for what they truly are, lest it destablise the 'precious' peace process.

In his latest diatribe, Feeney points to the apparent contradiction between Mr Murphy's forceful condemnation of the IRA following the Tohill kidnap and his lack of comment on the UVF murder of Brian Stewart. I therefore feel it is pertinent to remind Feeney of a few points:

1. It was his own community - the nationalist community - that so overwhelmingly endorsed a 'peace process' that gave succour to terrorists of all shades and emboldened them in their ongoing campaigns of murder and intimidation against their own communities. In other words the Holy Grail of nationalist achievements, the Belfast Agreement, is the same agreement that unleashed incarcerated terrorists into the midst of their respective communities, as well as enhancing their objectionable sense of invincibility. It is against that background that the Stewart murder must be considered.

2. Nationalists haven't yet comprehended the very simple fact that loyalist terrorism, whilst no less odious and evil than its republican counterpart, is not electorally endorsed by the pro-Union majority and thus has no impact on the political process. This is despite numerous steps taken by the Government to encourage such electoral endorsement. Sinn Fein receives growing support from a republican constituency devoid of common decency; the PUP, by comparison, is a fringe movement rightly recognised as unworthy of support from the Unionist voters.

3. What evidence has Feeney to back up his assertion that the State 'actively conspired with loyalist paramilitaries throughout the Troubles'? None whatsoever!! The RUC and the Army were the two forces that stood between intermittent instability and outright anarchy. It is also worth mentioning that much of that anarchy was created by the very same Republican Movement he so vehemently defends, whilst much of that aforesaid 'intermittent instability' is still being practiced under different guises by the same political philosophy he so rigorously articulates.

No other democracy would tolerate the proxies of armed and active terror in its government: Northern Ireland should be no different. The sooner Feeney and his ilk realise that, the better!


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