>> 27 May 2004


The UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force)is a disgusting terrorist group which brings shame on the community that it infests. It has been responsible for many appalling murders, not least the deaths of the three Quinn boys in Ballymoney. (the eunuch NI media chose instead to blame the Orange Order for the laller, disgracefully)Yet bizarrely, the UVF's talking heads in the PUP,(Progressive Unionist Party) are treated as brave and noble Statesmen. Hugh Smythe, Billy Hutchinson, and above all, David Ervine, have been given the full media image treatment. Great men one and all. The teensy-weensy problem with this is that the UVF continues to murder, bomb and maim. This is the latest instance of a UVF bomb attempt. This follows last week's murder of Brian Stewart.

The truth is that the PUP/UVF is as sickening an organisation as the IRA/Sinn Fein. Both should be banned, their members incarcerated, and the days of appeasement towards them brought to an abrupt halt. But the media love them. Where would the BBC be without "dictionary" David Ervine - the man who never uses one word where two can be more incoherent? Please, the media beg with tears in their eyes, please don't take our grotesqueries away...where would we be without them?


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