>> 31 May 2004

Islam Courts the Liberal Democrats

The modern-day version of the Communist Manifesto, otherwise known as The Guardian, has a front page story indicating that the Muslim Association of Britain has advised Muslims not to vote for Labour because of the war in Iraq. The report goes on to say that many in that community are now actively considering giving the Liberal Democrats their votes on the 10th June.

Of course, in a democracy, people can choose who they wish to elect. It is strangely ironic though that a religion that is perhaps the most oppressive when it comes to the treatment of women; disapproves of any behaviour, culture of social interaction not specified in the Koran; has many practices inimical to the expression of human freedom; and whose more radical elements pose the biggest threat to global security since Nazism should have British adherents who wish to support - en masse - a party with the term 'Liberal' in its title. Has it never occurred to these hypocritical souls that their party political preferences/democratic freedoms on June 10th are now determined by their opposition to a venture that has precisely that same democratic freedom as its ultimate objective?


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