>> 31 May 2004

Irish Americans Disgrace the USA!

Since 9/11 the government and much of the people of Uncle Sam have taken a robust line against terrorism of all descriptions. The terrible events of that fateful Tuesday morning unleashed a resolve in the American people, pledging they would never be cowed by the evils of terrorism. It also awakened a sense among many individuals who had previously paid obeisance to violent Irish republicanism that they had been duped by the emetic romanticism of this ideology.

It is, thus, a great pity that there are still misguided cretins across the Atlantic who take great delight in commemorating IRA members. This mottley band of violent thugs are effectively the terrorist mentors for the kind of people who brought down the World Trade Center almost three years ago. The latest commemoration involves remembering the life of Bobby Sands, convicted of possessing firearms doubtless intended for use against innocent people. It is high time that the authorities in the USA took a more robust stance against Irish American groups who are, after all, a stain on Anglo-US relations.


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