>> 20 May 2004


The sun is out, the sky is blue...I feel a song coming on!

Waking up to such a beautiful day, and then listening to the BBC "Today" programme, is just not a good idea.

Each morning, Bin Laden's channel of choice (after Al Jazeera) churns out it's extreme anti-US anti-Israel and pro-Jihadist views.

So, between 6.30-7.30am this mornnig we were treated to items on;

MORE photo's from Abu Ghraib. No mention of the Nick Berg video's.

Accusations that the US had "deliberately" bombed an Iraqi wedding party. They didn't.

Accusations that Israel had "deliberately" murdered Palestinians. They didn't.

It's like a radio version of Pravda. I like the way Melanie Phippip's refers to it as the British Quisling Corporation. (and there was me thinking I was the only one using words like Quisling and Vichy!!)


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