>> 31 May 2004


I have met Paul Murphy, the Secretary of State, and found him to be a decent and courteous individual. Given his position, one can also assume he has some intelligence. Which makes his latest comments on South Africa's "Truth and reconciliation" process and its relevance to NI all the more remarkable.

Let's set a few things straight;

1. There is NO comparison between apartheid S.Africa and democratic Northern Ireland.

2. In South Africa majority rule is celebarted by the weasel-left. In NI it is denigrated as being verging on Nazism.

3. The fact that post truth and reconciliation South Africa has become the murder mecca of the world does not exactly inspire anyone!

4. Whatever happened to decommissioning in South Africa?

Be under no illusion. The British Government is going through the preliminary softening up process before it imposes a "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" in Northern Ireland. This will facilitate those murdering scum who remain at large to obtain a "Do not go to jail" card along with official absolution. PSNI Chief Hugh Orde hinted at this the other day, incurring the wrath of UUP MLA Danny Kennedy. The pity is that had those like Mr. Kennedy and his ilk said NO to this wretched process in the first instance these horrendous prospects would not be so plausibly close.

The only winners from the "Truth Commission" process that is being contemplated for us will be the terrorists. What is needed is JUSTICE - justice means tracking down the guilty, and bringing them to court. That is what "victims" really want - but it does not sit well with our political masters.


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