>> 31 May 2004

The RUC is Remembered.....But It's Too Late

Church of Ireland Archbishop, Dr Robin Eames, presided over a memorial service to those courageous members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary on Sunday 30th May at St Mark's Church, Portadown.

Lest we forget it was the Belfast Agreement (that Eames and other liberal-minded types of the ecclesiastical fraternity so ardently championed) that provided the catalyst for the destruction, disbandment and humiliation of what was the finest anti-terrorist force anywhere in the world. The Patten Report, spawned by the agreement, did not even have the decency to thank the officers of the RUC for their sterling work in preventing a complete breakdown of law and order over a thirty-year epoch of mass slaughter. Now we are supposed to thank the CoI's bishopric big-wig for dedicating a stained glass window to the fallen? I'm sorry, Dr Eames, but your gesture is far too little, far too late!!


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