>> 26 May 2004


I can remember the images of the Omagh atrocity coming in through our TV screens back in 1998. Like so many terrorist incidents before, it instilled a sickening feeling and a sense of anger that events like this could still happen. Those dozens of people brutally murdered on the streets of Omagh had no chance, their lives were taken from them, young and old alike.

The Real IRA - an adjunct to the IRA - were believed to be guilty of that heinous crime.

However here in Alice in Wonderland a senior judge has said the Real IRA is not a proscribed organisation after he cleared four men of being members. The landmark ruling was made by Mr Justice Girvan.In this instance to call the law an ass would be far too mild.

If ever one needed reminding how corrupting the Belfast Agreement is, here is the evidence. Grinning terrorists stroll free from justice - their "good" name restored whilst the victims of terrorism shake their heads in disbelief. Only in Northern Ireland terrrorists are not terrorists. It's called peace in our time.


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