>> 22 May 2004


On a site like this, I try to cover a range of political matters. I do this on a daily basis and try to inject some wit, some controversary and some dissent into the debate. The feedback comments are here as a vehicle for readers to interreact with the opinions posted, usually mine! Sometime I read some the carping dirges posted and wonder why people bother. Thankfully, and this is what I enjoy most about this site, more often the comments are interesting, thoughtful and merit response. So for every time waster that posts crap - and they know who they are - there are others who are a pleasure to read. So sincere thanks to those who make an effort and as for those who don't.....!

A TANGLED WEB blog has followed on from A TANGLED WEB CO.UK - and as we enter the end of the first five months of it - I am very pleased with progress made.

That said, I want more. I want additional contributors - I want more features - I want to make everything about it better. So for those of you who have stuck with it - I really appreciate your tenacity - I promise to do my best to make this web more a daily visit.


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