>> 23 May 2004


So, the main Irish opposition Party, Fine Gael, has urged the Government to cancel the forthcoming visit of US President Bush.

Bernard Durkan, the Fine Gael chief whip, confirmed that his party is increasingly concerned with the war in Iraq. “It has turned into a sordid, appalling, barbaric, sick mess but also an embarrassment to a lot of Americans and Europeans,” He added that Bush’s position as commander-in-chief of US forces was an emerging problem for this visit.

Just one moment! The only sordid barbaric sick mess that I see is quisling nations like Ireland that stood by and did NOTHING during Saddam's years in power now taking the opportunity to criticise from afar. These same Nations, like Ireland, lacked the guts to send in their "soldiers" (and I use the word loosely) to put their money where the mouth was when it came to the issue of human rights in Iraq under Saddam, and showed not even the remotest sense of moral clarity in the war against Jihadistan.

Bernard Durkan is just one more empty-headed leftist who is looking for pre-Euro election kudos by bashing Bush. He makes me sick.


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