>> 30 Jun 2004


I see that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, speaking on behalf of all 114 UK Bishops, have chastised Blair for the conduct of coalition troops in Iraq. They have also emphasised their DEEPLY held view that the root cause of the Middle East problem is the coninuing "conflict" in Israel and support of Israel by the US.

It seems to me, and with all due respect to any Anglican readers, that the sheer depth of immorality from this bleating flock of Bishops is shocking. They have been constant critics of the Coalition attempt to remove the tyrant Saddam and restore Iraq to democracy. They could not have cared less about those hundreds of thousands tortured by Saddam and of course their simmering anti-Semitism is never far from the surface.

When Nick Berg was beheaded by those Muslims that these patronising holy goons wish us to "reach out and embrace" in Christian love, there was not one cheep from Archbishop (and Druid) Williams. I guess the decapitation of innocent defenceless men by fervent Muslim's is nothing compared to the sheer horror of having a pair of underpants put on your head whilst indulging in coarse play equivalent to an episode of the popular "Big Brother" TV reality show. Furthermore, the US and UK have moved to discipline those responsible for any unacceptable conduct in Iraq. But where, pray, was the condemnation from the Muslim religious leaders when Berg and Johnson had their heads cut off? The silence of the damned.

This latest statement from the Anglican Church's UK leadership merely confirms my view that it is, at best, an organised hypocrisy lost in apostasy.

Little wonder the BBC gives it prime time.


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