>> 30 Jun 2004


Further to the article by David Vance below, a friend of mine returned from the main service at Wakefield Cathedral last Sunday. He was utterly appalled at the Left-wing drivel - dressed-up as a religious oration - given by the new Bishop, the Rt Rev Stephen Platten. As is becoming increasingly common with the ascending liberal wing of the Anglican Communion, the Rt Rev Platten adopted the typical ant-war stance so beloved of the ecclesiastical Left. He proceeded to castigate the USA and UK over alleged 'mistreatment' of Iraqi detainees.

When I asked him if the 'honourable' bishop had anything to say about the atrocious killings meted out to captured foreign civilians by Islamic militants, he shook his head. The Anglican Church, the church of which I am a member, is becoming seldom more than a politico/philosophical school for theologically-inclined 'Lefties'. History should illustrate the fact that politics and religion rarely form a miscible symbiosis.


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