>> 28 Jun 2004


Further to the Sunday Essay, Frank Millar in the Irish Times, also suggests that the DUP are seeking to sit in power with Sinn Fein by next Spring. Assuming that there is substance in the stories being floated at the moment, it appears that the DUP have just perpetrated the biggest con-trick imaginable on the pro-Union electorate. Here's the "tough stance" the abominable (ex)no-men are adopting:-

1. Sinn Fein to join up to the Policing Board.

2. Sinn Fein to work the Institutions enthusiastically.

3. A "definitive" end to paramilitary activity, according to the International Commission.

Wow - aren't the DUP so brave? Aren't we lucky to have our country's future in their safe hands?

As I wrote on Sunday, Peter Robinson IS the greatest danger to the Union, as will become all to obvious in the next nine months. Is it too late to say bring back Trimble??????


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