>> 28 Jun 2004


Listening to BBC Radio 4's "Start the Week", I felt transported back into the Student Common Room of my youth where smug leftists pontificated on how to solve the worlds problems to the exclusion of any form of reality. Get this: the "token Tory" was a wimpy woman called Jo-Ann Nadler whose latest book is called "Too nice to be a conservative." Her contribution was to apologise for Thatcher and to yearn for the "One Nation" Toryism so beloved by Ken Clark and Ted Heath. (i.e. The people who put the Con into Conservative)

This laughable liberal love-in cannot be possibly taken seriously. Andrew (Call me Andy) Marr, the oh-so-earnest and impartial presenter, can't hide his left-wing bias. The polite murmering of assent when the guilty conservative dissed Lady Thatcher spoke volumes.Time to privatise this dross! Time to stop the week.


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