>> 29 Jul 2004



Labour could remain in power for decades, according to one of Tony "trust me, I'm an honest guy" Blair's closest aides, Hazel Blears. The lovely Ms Blears talks of "driving a stake through the heart of Thatcherism if the PM wins the next election."  She adds that "Our project needs a sustained period of Labour in power to move our society in a socialist direction."


Straight from the horses mouth, eh? For absolute clarity, she then spells out that it was "time to fundamentally change the underlying basis of British society."


Now whilst I naturally recoil from the power-hungry arrogance of this New Labour harpie, I do think she has a point! Labour is all about destroying British society, it is all about substituting a multicultural socialist republic that will make a mockery of that which made Britain great. The only way to stop this is if the British people rise up and throw these goons out of office. It seems to me that the Tories offer little substantive alternative to Blair's "project" and that it takes the  likes of the UKIP to show some resistance.


Britain has always been a conservative with a small-c nation but that is now under serious threat. With a tragically dumbed down education system, a broken down religious order, and a washed out moral climate, one sees why Labour prospers.




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