>> 29 Jul 2004



EU have to hand it to the vast corrupt bureaucracy that is the new home for Peter Mandelson, it always can produce new polling evidence to prove that deep down inside, the peoples of Europe just love it!


I read about a poll released by Brussels that claims the reason that the average turnout across the 25 nation European Union was down to 45.7% was "more to do with disenchantment with politics in general than the Euro-skepticism in particular." It explainss that two thirds of all people felt "attached to Europe" and believed membership of their country to the EU was a good thing!" Wow!


In fact, if the likes of Belgium and Italy did not have compulsory voting, the turn-out figures for the European elections would be below 40%. This is one more example of the looming menace of the Euro-zone, it seeks to rule us by minority votes, it seeks to destroy National sovereignty under the guise of harmonisation, and above all, it seeks to establish itself as the rising political challenger to the United States.


Of course these Euro-dreams can only be achieved if the EU uses the US to bail it out militarily. This is why the US should remove all forces from mainland Europe and let the Euro-weenies figure out that there is a CLEAR choice between their socialist utopianism and the preservation of an effective defense policy. With all due respect to the might of the Belgium army, I think they may have a problem that even rigged polls cannot overcome.  


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